My sister in OH purchased a Visa gift card from The Giant Eagle on 290 E. Aurora Rd. 10/21/15 for $50. Sent it to me in SC as a Christmas gift. I tried to used the card at Sears, it would not work. I saved it and tried to use at Kohl's, it would not go thru. I called...
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I have called and emailed the company several times regarding a fraudulent card they had sold me. It had already been used in Hawaii, which I did not go to. It was for Panda Express and they told me Panda was responsible. It didn't make sense , it was giftcard mall who...
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I have purchased Visa gift cards from them for a number of years without a problem. Then one day I ordered a Visa Gift card from them and my order was cancelled because it was considered a risk by the security department. I called them and they would not tell me...
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I paid $50.00 to deliver an I-Tunes electronic gift card on Valentine's day and they charged my account, but never sent my gift. I called them 3 times. They gave me no help at all. I have written them multiple times. Nobody has called me yet. I was...
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I have only used this website service 2 times and BOTH times they double charged me for the gift card and then never issued the card forcing me to spend days and days on the p...

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